Network Women Against Violence calls all institutions to respond and prevent hate speech against women

Direct reason for this annonsment is the recent attacks on Equal Protection Commissioner Brankica Jankovic, journalist Snezana Congradin, activist Stasa Zajovic and the depoarted Biljana Kovacevic-Vuco. Hate speech directed at women, who in their profession are committed to respecting human rights, laws and non-discrimination, is a gross violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the Law on Prevention of Discrimination, the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly and other laws of the Republic of Serbia, as well as international convention. The hate speech heard in the National Assembly is not appropriate, it is deeply hurtful for all women.

The lack of appropriate response from the institutions creates a suitable ground for further incitement of hate speech directed at women and all other vulnerable categories. In response, we send a clear message to all Serbian citizens that they can treat their wives, daughters, mothers and colleagues in this way. Tolerating such speeches in the National Assembly and the general public cannot contribute to the process of Serbia's accession to the European Union, as well as to creating an equal and safe environment for all citizens of Serbia.

In this way, we give support to all women who are in any way harmed by hate speech, violence, discrimination and other violent behavior.

The Women Against Violence Network reminds the institutions of the system of their obligation to provide protection and support to all women targeted by hate speech and to comply with national laws and international conventions.

On behalf of the Women Against Violence Network:


Biljana Stepanov, Jasmina Nikolic
MZPN coordinators