Network women against violence is demanding justice for Marija Lukic and all of the women who have experienced sexual violence

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019.

Meetings of support and solidarity for Marija Lukic have been held in Belgrade, Krusevac, Nis, Smederevska Palanka, Vranje i Tutin. These meetings were held while the trail was in session, in front of Basic Court in Krusevac, where the prosecutor argued a case against Milutin Jelicic Jutka, the former president of Brus municipality. A criminal charged was filed against Jelicic by Marija Lukic for sexual harassment and abuse of authority.  

Justice for Marija, Snezana and Danijela from Brus, Danijela from Vranje, women from Leskovac and other places, with experience of sexual violence, including those hold back to speak out by fear and the ones who are being threatened so their cases never made the news, justice for our sisters, mothers, daughters, friends and each one of us!

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