Annual Conference of WAVE - European Women's Network Against Violence

21 WAVE konferencija7-10. October, Tallinn, Estonia

The conference was attended by Marija Petronijevic and Aneta Dukic from Fenomena, Kraljevo, (from the role of 'focus' organization for Serbia), Lepa Mladenovic (in VIP role;) Dejana Stosic a young activist from Vranje (who is WAVE Youth Ambassador for Serbia), Biljana Brankovic GREVIO from Serbia (as a presenter) and Natalija Simovic and Ivana Markovic from the Trag Foundation.

This conference is an important place for mutual feminist exchange where women from all over Europe report about events in their communities. All participants, on conference, have the opportunity to meet each other and exchange theirs knowledge and experience. After the conference they return to their parent organizations with new energy as well as new concerns.

During 2019, four other organizations from Serbia became a members of WAVE network.:

  • Oaza sigurnosti from Kragujevac,
  • Roma Center for Women and Children Daje from Belgrade,
  • Pescanik from Krusevac,
  • SOS Vranje

In addition to the Autonomous Women's Center from Belgrade and the Fenomena from Kraljevo, there are now a total of 6 organizations from Serbia in the WAVE network.

Aneta Dukic, Dejana Stosic, Lepa Mladenovic and Marija Petronijevic prepared report from this conference. The full report you could find on:

pdf_button21. WAVE godišnja konferencija - Tallinn, Estonija, oktobar 2019. - zajednički izveštaj učesnica konferencije iz Srbije