Žene protiv nasiljaThe Women Against Violence Network is a coalition of specialized womens’ non-governmental organizations which respect the Network basic principles and feminist politics.

The Women Against Violence Network was established in 2005, emerging from women’s continuous networking in Serbia around the issue of violence against women, with the main goal of strengthening and connecting specialized women’s organizations which render services to victims.

The Women against Violence Network is open for association with all organizations and individuals working on the issue of violence against women directly (SOS line, counseling, centers, shelters, safe houses, crisis centers, etc), or indirectly through research, advocating for women’s right to life without violence, education, lobbying or in other ways.

Full membership of the Network can be achived by associations only, while individuals have the status of honorary members.

Since 2018, the work of the Network has been organized according to territorially formed regions. The Network operates in five regions: Vojvodina, South, Central Serbia, Southwestern Serbia and Belgrade.

A region is formed at the initiative of at least three Network member organizations, and the decision on the number and composition of the region is made by the Network Assembly.

Each Region selects an organization that coordinates the region for a period of two years. The mandate of the coordinating organization may be extended for a further two years (a maximum of four years).

Rights and Obligations of the Women Against Violence Network members, administrative bodies and scope of their work and method of decision making, reasons and procedure for termination of the membership in the Network and other issues relevant to the Network's work are established by the Network Statute.