Mission of the NGOs

iz-kruga-vojvodina...Out of Circle – Vojvodina is a women’s civil society organization established in March 2007. The organization’s work is especially aimed at giving support to women and children with disabilities who are exposed to violence, and raising public awareness about the multiple discrimination women and children with disabilities face. Through professional support and dissemination of information on women and children with disabilities in Vojvodina, we create more opportunity for their equal participation in society.

The organization’s SOS Line 021/447-040 and 066/447-040 is intended for women with disabilities who have suffered violence. The Line offers support and information, and is available every work day from 9am to 4pm. Free legal aid is given to all interested persons with disabilities, regardless of the type or degree of disability, as well as their immediate family members, who live in Novi Sad or the vicinity. This service is available every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm at the organization’s office in Bulevar Vojvode Stepe 67, or by phone 021/447-040, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

iz-kruga-bgd-logo“…Out of Circle – Belgrade” is an organization working on protection and support of women with disabilities. It was established in 1997 in the goal of promoting the right to life without violence and discrimination through raising public awareness on the particular status and needs of women with disabilities, as well as advancement of health of persons with disabilities, especially women.

“…Out of Circle – Belgrade” has an SOS Line (011/3448-045, work days from 10am to 4pm) as a professional service providing support to persons with disabilities and their families in situations of violence and discrimination. “…Out of Circle” also provides psychological-social and legal aid and support for women with disabilities, their parents, guardians and legal representatives; keeps a register and statistical information of clients, as well as property and resources; analyzes data on the status of women with disabilities and their families, for the needs of relevant social subjects and in the goal of complete social protection; and other activities that focus on persons with disabilities, especially women.

alt-krug-kg-logoThe Center for Education, Communication and Research – NGO “Alternative Circle”, is a women’s group established in 2000 in the aim of advancing quality of life for women and other marginalized groups. “Alternative Circle” continuously works on raising public awareness about women’s human rights and domestic violence, as well as developing capacities in rendering services to victims of violence. Organization’s members established the first Consultancy and first Shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence in Kragujevac. The Alternative Circle takes part in the Protocol on Inter-Sectional Cooperation in the process of protection of victims of domestic violence in Kragujevac. Their SOS Line is intended for women who have survived violence 034/305-641, and is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm.

femina-logoThe Association of Women “Femina” was established in February 2006 with the aim of promoting gender equality, affirming and protecting women’s human rights, providing support to women who have experienced violence, and working on education and economic empowerment of women. During its six years of work “Femina” has been supported by: Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Directorate for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Work and Social Protection, Ministry of Youth and Sport, UNICEF, local self-government, etc. The “Femina” SOS Line is intended for women who are surviving violence: 026/310-841. It is available Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm. The same number serves for consultations as well – Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm.

astra-logoAstra is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the eradication of all forms of human trafficking, especially women and children. The organization has ten years experience in this field of work and works on providing direct support to victims, education, as well as prevention, raising public awareness, strengthening institutional capacities, research and reports. ASTRA provides psychological, medical, legal other forms of help in the long-term process of recovery and reintegration of trafficking victims. Since some of the organization’s activities are aimed at prevention, aside from persons who have survived trafficking our number is also available to everyone who wants to get better informed about this issue, available protective mechanisms and conditions for safe travel abroad. ASTRA’s telephone number is 011 / 7850-000. Since 2012 ASTRA has had a number for missing children in all of Europe 116-000.

atina-logoSince its establishment in 2004 Atina has been the only organization in Serbia conducting programs for long-term social inclusion of trafficking victims with complete participation of beneficiaries. We also have active participation of state institutions so as to make the system of assistance a sustainable solution leading to complete recovery and full integration. The organization’s support programs provide the following services: medical, psychological and legal aid; support for education and resolving citizen/legal status; temporary accommodation, participation in self-help groups as well as educational and other workshops. Atina provides education in the aim of strengthening institutions and organizations in order to give adequate support to trafficking victims. Atina also participates in research projects examining the phenomenon of trafficking. NGO ATINA’s SOS Line is available work days from 9am to 5pm – 011/3220-030 and 061/638 - 4071 every day 24 hours.

azc-logoThe Autonomous Women’s Center is a non-governmental organization established in 1993. The Center’s work is based on feminist principles and theory. AWC holds that life without violence is a fundamental human right and accordingly provides specialized support to women, encourages individual and institutional response to male violence against women, and contributes to strengthening women’s “networks” and all of civil society. AWC organizes preventive and informational-educational activities for women and the public, consultations for women living with trauma from male violence via an SOS telephone service (011/266-2222, work days from 10am to 8pm) for psychological support; AWC provides legal consultations and information, information regarding social protection and other sources of support and community services, as well as independent legal representation of clients before institutions and in judicial and administrative cases. AWC implements education for professionals from all relevant services, conducts independent monitoring of public policy implementation and evaluates interventions of public services, as well as working on public advocacy and much more.

kikinda-logoThe Center for Support of Women is a non-profit organization, established in 2004 in the aim of advancing the status of women and contributing to gender equality and equal opportunity policies in the local community and region, through organizing and implementing various educational, promotional, consultative and other activities. It is not affiliated with any political party. Since 2009 the Center has had a Consultancy for Legal and Psychological Aid for women who have survived violence, where an expert team gives legal and psychological aid, as well as social consultations. The Center’s free SOS Line is 0800/10-1010, and it is available every work day from 10am to 8pm. E-mail consultation is also available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

centar-vrsac-logoThe Center for Women’s Rights in Vrsac is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered on March 23rd, 2000, in the aim of providing support to women and children in realizing their human, civil, gender, social and personal rights. The Center for Women’s Rights in Vrsac believes in life without violence, supports women regardless of national, religious other racial distinction, mental or physical capabilities, or any other type of difference. Work principles: combating all forms of discrimination; supporting each women’s right of choice; developing solidarity among women; advocating political affirmative action; supporting and advocating for children’s rights. Goals: empowering women who were, or are, experiencing violence; empowering women with disabilities in relation to combating violence and discrimination; raising public awareness on the prevalence of violence, society’s responsibility in maintaining it, gender equality, especially among rural women; advancing children’s rights and cooperation with institutions.

czdn-logoCentre for Girls was founded 15th April 1998, on the initiative of two volunteers of SOS hotline for women and children victims of violence from Nis.  The aim of the organization was to improve the position of young women in society through their education and emancipation. In the Centre for Girls in the past 16 years was implemented a lot of projects, which included SOS hotline, meeting place, workshops, lectures, psychological support, feminist-activist theatre, festival. The three main topics which is worked on are: prevention a support for girls who survived violence, prevention of trafficking in girls, women's health and art. The activists of the Centre for Girls brought The Vagina Monologues to the Nis`s theatre scene and the author - Eve Ensler. In the focus of the Centre’s work are: prevention and support for girls who survived violence, prevention of trafficking in girls and women's health and art.

damad-logoThe Cultural Center DamaD was established in 1992 and it aims at promoting the culture of human rights and equality, and human rights in general. Our activities are implemented within four program lines: 1) Democratization, Human Rights and Freedom of Speech, 2) Inter-Ethnic Dialogue and Cooperation, 3) Equality and Work with Vulnerable Groups and 4) Young Local Community Leaders. Since 2002, as part of the Work with Vulnerable Groups program line at the Cultural Center DamaD, we established the first, and so far only, SOS Line for women and children victims of violence in Novi Pazar and Sandzak. Since 2003 this SOS Line has been functioning on a primarily voluntary basis.

fenomena-logoFenomena is a non-profit organization which works on advancing women’s lives in the local community, while always taking into consideration gender equality, environment and social entrepreneurship aspects. The organization’s goals pertaining to gender equality and social entrepreneurship: establishing and rendering new social services to people who have survived gender based violence; raising awareness and educating young people and women especially, but also the general public, about gender equality issues and social entrepreneurship; improving mechanisms for implementing laws relevant for advancing gender equality; promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship. The SOS Line is intended for women who have survived violence, and it was established in 2007 as part of the Fenomena association and with support from partners and foreign funding agencies. In 2013 Fenomena started trainings on how to form and lead self help groups in accordance with the “Power of Change” model which has been accredited by the Republic Agency for Social Services. More information at www.fenomena.org

novi-becej-logoThe Roma Association Novi Becej was established and registered in 1999 in the aim of advancing women’s human rights of Roma women and eliminating all forms of violence against Roma women in the Roma community, as well as support to Roma women who have survived violence in contact with institutions. The association now has nine activists, two experts and two volunteers – who are members of Roma and other communities. During the twelve years of active work, our organization has implemented 32 projects in approximately 45 Roma settlements in Vojvodina. This organization is unique for having the only SOS Line in national minority languages in Vojvodina, and Serbia. The SOS Line is available work days from 10am to 3pm: 023/774-959 and 023/775-843.

daje-logoThe Roma Center for Women and Children – Daje is a women’s non-governmental organizations located in Belgrade, officially established on March 8th, 2001. Daje was established by women from the Roma community in Zemun Polje. The reason for creating this association was a joint struggle to stop rapes which frequently happened on the road from their community to the more urban part of the city – where the school, hospital and bus stations are. This road is 4 km long and part of it leads through the woods. Now public transport goes directly from the Roma community to the more urban part of the city. The woods have also been cleared. This was essentially our first accomplishment.

We have also participated in the team in charge of developing the Action Plan for Roma Women’s Specific Status and Action Plan for Displaced People – this was done as part of the Roma Decade initiative. We assisted people in getting personal documents and enrolling children from Roma communities (who did not have basic documents) into elementary schools in Belgrade. Additionally, we held lectures “History, Rights and Tradition of Roma People” at six Belgrade Faculties. For this occasion we made a book bearing the same title. Our SOS Line 011/398-78-98 is intended for women who have suffered violence. It is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2pm to 6pm.

osvit logoThe Association of Roma Women “Osvit” from Nis, established in 2005, is a women’s non-governmental organization striving to influence the realization of individual and collective rights, improving the status and quality of life of Roma women in Serbia. Our vision is strong, educated, healthy, economically empowered Roma women who live in a society that accepts them without discrimination and violence, while maintaining Roma culture and tradition. Our organization established the first SOS Line in the Roma language in Europe. Since its establishment our organization’s services have been used by more than three thousand women with experiences of violence, regardless of nationality. The SOS Line in Roma and Serbian languages 018/515-318 is available every day 24/7.

oaza-kg-logoThe human rights non-governmental organization “Safe Oasis” was established in Kragujevac at the beginning of 2008 in the aim of women’s human rights’ realization. One of the most important projects this organization has implemented is “Support for Prevention of Cancer in Women Living on the Territory of the City of Kragujevac”, in the period from 2010 to 2012. This project provided 3000 women with cervix exams. The Safe Oasis has become an active creator of Kragujevac’s public life and the Sumadija region by organizing numerous round-table discussions, panels, conferences, street actions and taking an active role in them. Safe Oasis SOS Line 034/332-048 is available every work days from 8am to 3pm.

pescanik-logoAssociation of Women – Sandglass is a women’s non-governmental organization established in March of 2000, in Krusevac. Sandglass advocates women’s equality at home, at work and in public life, and works on empowering women and promoting gender equality through organization of seminars, workshops, panels, street actions, campaigns, research, documents, publications, flyers and booklets on the status of women. In cooperation with the Swedish organization Kvinna til Kvinna we have been implementing, since 2002, the “Women’s Information-Education Center” program. The Center works on education and empowerment of women in relation to gender equality, as well as peer education of girls and young women on issues of women’s rights and gender equality. Sandglass provides individual psychological and legal consultations to women who have survived violence – 066/00-66-06, work days at 10am - 2pm.

sos-vranje-logoThe SOS Line for support and aid of women and children who have survived violence has been functioning as part of the NGO Human Rights Committee Vranje since 2002. Clients have the following services available to the each work day from 10am to 8pm via SOS Line 017/410-822 and 0800-001-017, or office visit: free supportive and informational discussion; free legal and psychological aid; coordination of relevant institutions for assisting women who are surviving violence. SOS Vranje organizes campaigns, street actions, expert seminars for improvement and development of capacities of the Local Network for Combating Domestic Violence in Vranje. During our ten years of work there have been over 3000 SOS calls, while 1000 women received free legal aid.

sos-vlasotince-logoThe women’s non-governmental organization SOS Line for Women and Children Vlasotince was established in 1996 and has, since then, been advocating for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children, militarism and institutional violence. By organizing workshops, lectures, round-tables, educations, panels and street actions the organization has contributed to the promotion of women’s human rights and non-violence. The organization numbers 12 activists and 38 volunteers. The organization has become well known in its local community through active advocacy and work. The local self-government has supported it by providing it with office space for activity implementation. The SOS Line 016/876-202 is available work days from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm.

sos-logoThe SOS Line for women and children victims of violence in Novi Sad was established on March 8th, 2002, and in November 2004 it was registered as an independent civil association. It provides direct support to women and children victims of violence in form of emotional, informational, psychological and legal aid. The Center also works on promoting, protecting and improving the status and rights of women, children and youth, as well as developing awareness on the right to life without violence and possibilities of leaving situations of violence. The SOS Women’s Center association is a member of the Women against Violence Network and SOS Network of Vojvodina. SOS Line number of the SOS Women’s Center 021/422-740 is available every work day from 5pm and 9pm.

vds-logoThe Victimology Society of Serbia – VSS, is an independent and non-profit civil association, established in 1997, in the aim of advancing and protecting rights and status of victims of criminality, war, human rights violations and other forms of suffering.

VSS is dedicated to development of research and theoretical knowledge about victims of criminality in Serbia, but also to merging theory and practice in its activities, which are divided into two main organizational units: VSS Research and Education Center and a service for victim support – VSS Info and Victim Support. The Victim Support service is available every work day from 10am to 4pm and is open to all victims of criminality, women and men. Contact number: 011/630-30-22 and 011/22-88-040. The service offers information on victim’s rights, emotional support, support in court and referrals to other services and organizations.

zene-za-mir-logoThe non-governmental organization Women for Peace was established by 17 activists in 2007. At the beginning of 2008 Kvinna till Kvinna supported our “Stop Violence against Women and Children” program. The SOS Line that was established with this program still works today and is intended for women who have survived violence. The organization provides professional consultations in relation to law, health and psychotherapy. Since 2005, 718 women have used our services and 2136 consultations have been held. Within this program, 17 panel discussions have been organized on the territory of the Jablanicki district and 210 experts from police, centers for social work and medical institutions have taken part in their realization. SOS Line numbers intended for women who are surviving violence 016/237-300 and 016/237-301, available work days from 2pm to 8pm.

zenska-alternativa-logoWomen’s Alternative is a non-governmental, non-profit association of citizens, established in January 2001 in Sombor, and gathers women who are experts in psychology, law, medicine and social work. The organization’s mission is aimed at strengthening women and young women, encouraging them to have initiative, sensitizing the community regarding the culture of non-violence, and advancing women’s quality of life and their equal participation in society. The organization’s activities also aim at strengthening the organization itself by raising the quality of human and material resources and cooperation with other local organizations and the community. On November 21st a new SOS Line for women and children victims of violence in Vojvodina has been opened. Women’s Alternative from Sombor is one of the organizations involved in this project. Calling the 0800-10-10-10 number is free of charge, and offers professional support from 10am to 8pm each work day.

hera-logoWomen’s Club Hera was registered in 2001, with the basic aim of informing and educating about women’s human rights, and a focus on smaller communities. In cooperation with 13 other organizations signatories of the coalition agreement (women’s professional organizations, unions, political parties’ women’s forums) Hera promoted gender equality and contributed to the establishment of the Gender Equality Council in Bačka Topola. The organization is unique in Bačka Topola and well known for its economic empowerment of women who have survived domestic violence. Having recognized the need for specialized support to women who have survived violence, in 2005 Hera established an SOS Line in Serbian, Hungarian and Rusynian languages. The number is 024 / 714 – 140, and its available work days from 9am to 5pm.

zreduc-logoThe Zrenjanin Educational Center is a women’s non-governmental organization established on January 25th, 2002. The organization’s mission is to promote and protect human rights, especially women’s human rights. Since establishment the organization’s activities have aimed to improve women’s social and economic status in society. The Zrenjanin Educational Center actively combats all types of violence and discrimination of women, and cooperates with institutions and organizations which work against violence and discrimination. The organization also leads an the Anti-Trafficking Campaign which works on prevention of human trafficking, and since 2005 it has been working on economic strengthening of women, encouraging self-employment and employment since women’s social problems are tightly connected to economic dependence. The SOS Line 023/581-350 is intended for women who have survived violence, and it is available work days from 10am to 4pm.