16 Days of Activism - Campaign 2016

The WAV Network members will be participating in the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence campaign. Below is the list of activities across Serbia – feel free to join!

Roma Association Novi Becej
November 25th/ 2:00 pm International day against gender based violence
Round table – the Istanbul Convention
December 1st/ 12:00 pm World AIDS day
Street action in the city center - “Protect Our Health”
December 3rd/ 4:00 pm International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Workshop with Roma women – types of violence, development of a security plan, and  leaving violent relationships
December 6th/ 10:00 am Commemoration of the Montreal massacre
Street action in the city center – No more victims; distribution of printed materials about violence
December 10th/ 12:00 pm International Human Rights Day
Street march – to the river banks; writing out messages on big balloons
Women for Peace Leskovac
November 25th– December 10th
from12:00pm to2:00 pm
In the Leskovac city center on every work day from noon till 2 pm we will gather signatures for the petition calling on May 18thto be proclaimed the Day of Remembrance of women murdered as victims of domestic violence
November 25th/ 12:00 pm Street action for the International Day against Gender Based Violence
December 6th/ 6:00 pm For the International Day of the Montreal Massacre and the International Day against Femicide we are organizing a panel discussion at the Leskovac Cultural Center – the discussion will center on the importance of cooperation between institutions and non-governmental organizationsin combating femicide. Representatives of Centers for Social Policy, Police, health services and school administrations and other relevant institutions will be invited.
December 10th/ 12:00 pm For the International Human Rights Day we are organizing a street action - “Equal Rights for All – Stop Discrimination”. Promotional materials will be handed out as well.
The Gender Equality Board of Leskovac will be participating in all our activities.
SOS Women’s Center Novi Sad and ...Out of Circle Vojvodina Novi Sad
November 26th/
from12:00to2:00 pm
Street action for gathering signature for the petition and distribution of both organizations’ promotional organizations, at the SPENS sports center.
December 8th/ 6:00 pm Round table discussion about violence against women, intended for students and youth; to be held at the Institution for Students’ Health Protection in Novi Sad.
Women’s CenterUzice
November 25th/
from10:00 am to4:00 pm
Gathering signatures out on the street for a petition calling for May 18thto be declared the Day of Remembrance of murdered women who were victims of domestic violence. Also, a media conference and a performance by female students of the Uzice Medical School, aimed at raising awareness about violence.
MP Ivana Stojiljkovic will join us while we gather signatures on the street and she will give statements to the media about current laws on this subject.
December 5th Round table discussion about the implementation of the Council of Europe’s Convention against gender based violence, in relation to the possible establishment of a regional SOS line
Reconstruction Women’s Fund Belgrade
November 25th/ from 8:00 pm, café Ljutic Sisters Do It Best 10
Our guests for the evening will be:
• Svetlana Ilic, activist from the Roma Women’s Center BIBIJA
• Vedrana Lacmanovic, Women against Violence Network activist
DJ Meckica will be in charge of the music!
A special guest is trumpet musician Marina Milosevic!
This time the Sisters Do It Best action is aimed at raising money for the Women Victims of Violence Fund. All money will go to the Autonomous Women’s Center.
Women’s Rights Center Vrsac
November 25th/ 2:30 pm Press conference at the Municipality offices.
November 25th/ 3:00 pm Promotion of Ana Stolic’s book “Serbian Sisters”.
November 26th/ 12:00 pm “Leave Violent Relationships” street performance, that will be held at the main square in Vrsac (St. Theodor’s square). The performance will be held in cooperation with the Women’s Forum of the Democratic Party, Women’s Parliamentary Network of Vrsac... During this street action we will also be gathering signatures for the petition to declare May 18thRemembrance Day of murdered women victims of domestic violence.
From November 28thto December 2nd Workshop with elementary school kids on the topic of prevention of violence against women.
Center for Girls Nis
November 25th/ 6:00 pm and7:00 pm Exhibition opening of artwork created at the Second Feminist Painters’ Colony - “You Know Nothing About Me”
and a theater play “I Am an Emotional Being”in Leskovac.
November 26th/ 12:00 pm The Regional Network of Young Feminists will hold a street action “Violence against women is a crime and should be punished as such”.
December 2nd/ 3:00 pm The Anti-Trafficking Network will hold a street action to commemorate the day when slavery was abolished.
December 2nd Forum Theater(IN)VISIBLEinNis.
December 6th/ 10:00 am Regional conference “Violence against women is a crime and it should be punished as such”.
December 9th/  7:00 pm “I Am an Emotional Being” theater performance in Uzice.
December 10th/ 3:00 pm Anti-Trafficking Network and RMMF will have a street action to commemorate the International Human Rights Day
Also, 10 workshops will be held in Nis and Leskovac - “Prevention of Violence against Young Women”.
Women’s Network of Rasina County for Women’s Rights
November 25th/ 12:00 pm In all 6 towns of Rasina county we will have street actions where informational materials on violence against women will be handed outand signatures will be gathered for the petition to declare May 18thRemembrance Day of murdered women victims of domestic violence. Street actions will be held at Princes Ljubica’s monument in Trstenik, Youth square in Cicevac, in the center of Brus, Aleksandrovac and Varvarin, and in front of the Cultural Center in Krusevac.
November 25th/ 4:00 pm In the Trstenik Pensioners’ Club a round table discussion will be held - “Prevention of Violence against Women, Including Violence against Older Women”. Representatives of Centers for Social Policy and the Trstenik Police Department will participate in the discussion, alongside activists of the Women’s Network of Rasina County for Women’s Rights -Sofija Pantelicfrom TrstenikandMilkana PavlovicandBozana Ivanovicfrom Krusevac.
December 1st/ 11:30 and and1:00 pm A round table discussion will be held in Trstenik on the issue of women’s security (11:30 am), followed by a panel discussion where the Istanbul Convention will be analyzed as will new legal solutions against domestic violence (1:00 pm).
December 2nd / 12:00 pm The Women’s Association Kaliopa in Brus will organize a round table discussion on women’s security.
December 4th/ 12:00 pm Network activists and the Gender Equality Council of Cicevac will organize a street action in against femicide.
From December 4thto December 10th With support from the Cicevac Gender Equality Council, Network activists will organize workshops about violence against women. The workshops will be held in an elementary school in Cicevac and in a school in Stalac.
December 5th/ 1:00 pm Women’s Association Kaliope from Brus and the Gender Equality Council will organize in the rural village of Blazevo a gathering focused on the topic of violence against women. On this occasion the Networks activities will be represented as will the SOS Line from Krusevac.
December 9th/ 12:00 pm “W as in Woman, Z as in Zupa”will organize a street action where leaflets on women’s rights will be handed out in the center of Aleksandrovac.
December 10th / 1:00 pmand6:00 pm Romani Cikna and Association of Women – Hourglass (Pescanik) will organize an action “Speak up and fight for equality” - promoting girls’ rights. During this activity activists will discuss girls from several Roma communities. In the evening they will organize a workshop for youth in the Marko Orlovic community, on the topic of choice of partners.
SOS Line for Women and Children Victims of Violence Vlasotince
November 23rd/ 6:00 pm In the Desanka Maksimovic Library we will gather signatures for the petition calling on the declaration of May 18thas Remembrance Day of murdered women victims of domestic violence.
November 23rd/ 7:00 pm Poets from Vlasotince will hold a performance “Stop Violence against Women”, and in this way support our campaign.
Roma Center for Women and Children – Daje, Belgrade
November 24thand 26th Gathering signatures in Obrenovac and Mali Mokri Lug for the petition calling on the declaration of May 18thas Remembrance Day for murdered women victims of domestic violence, where we will talk to people on the street about violence against women.
December 9th Solidarity protest with Roma people – activists from Krusevac will organize a protest against a wall the local authorities erected along boundary of a Roma community.